Course Descriptions – Middle School


7th & 8th Grade Humanities (Two semester course)
Humanities classes aim to inspire a love of history, culture, literature, poetry, and drama while cultivating independent thinkers and writers. Students learn to respect the thoughts and opinions of others while forming and defending their own. This class focuses on the interrelated experiences of reading and responding to literature, composing creative and expository pieces, and thinking critically. The humanities focus utilizes interdisciplinary curricula in which students apply theories and concepts to material. Humanities incorporates history, geography, and language arts to explore a central theme, topic, or experience. Through studying archaeology, sociology, economics, and political science, students hone critical-thinking and communication skills


7th Grade Math (Two semester course)
Math 7 is the first year of a 2-year Pre-Algebra curriculum. There will be focus on basic algebra skills as well as certain topics in probability, geometry and statistics. Students who complete this course will be able to apply, understand and use the following concepts: operations with rational numbers, operations in algebra, equations, proportional reasoning and probability.

Math 8 (Two semester course)
This is the second year of a 2-year Pre-Algebra curriculum. Students will advance their skills with equations, and learn and understand the following concepts: slope and graphing, linear relationships, Pythagorean Theorem, perfect squares and square roots. Successful completion of this course provides a solid foundation to advance to Algebra I.

Algebra I (Two semester course)Teacher recommendation and signed approval required
Students in this course will use algebra concepts in greater detail to solve problems involving graphing and slope equations. Students will work using algebra properties with patterns, relations, and functions. Students will be able to apply probability and statistical methods to analyze data. Successful completion will provide high school credit and a solid foundation to advance to Geometry.


MS Science (Two semester course)
The Middle School Science Standards stress an in depth understanding of the nature and structure of matter and the characteristic of energy. The standards place considerable emphasis on the technological application of Physical Science Principles. Major areas covered by the standards include the organization and use of the periodic table; physical and chemical changes; nuclear reactions; temperature and heat; sound; light; electricity and magnetism; and work, force, and motion.

The Middle School Science standards continue to build on skills of systematic investigation with a clear focus on variables and repeated trials. Student will plan and conduct research involving both classroom experiments and literature reviews from written and electronic resources.

MS Electives

Leadership (One semester course)
Leadership class is a semester long course where students act as role models and serve the school to promote and advance a positive school environment for all students. Leadership is an activity-based course designed to develop students’ skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating school and
community projects. Students will learn various techniques for communications, organization, promotion, evaluation, group process, managerial methods, human relations, and self-awareness. These techniques will be studied and applied in a real world setting as students carryout school projects.

Ocean Engineering (Two semester course)
Ocean engineering is an introductory class that concentrates on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). Students are given certain engineering constraints, tasks to perform, product demonstration, technical drawing, and eventually competing at local, state, and international levels. This class is intended for students interested in robotics, engineering, and working in groups. Students will be required to participate in competitions.

MS Intro to CTE (One semester course)
The course completes hands on projects like photography, 3-D design and printing, CPR and First Aid to learn skills needed to help you be successful in high school and get excited about some of the classes offered there. You will be introduced to careers in Tourism, Art, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services and Manufacturing. Upon completing the course you will know how to make things using a 3D printer, how to help people in need and be introduced to water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

Middle School Choir (One semester course)
Choir is a place for students to sing in a group setting. No prior singing experience is required. Any student who is curious about singing and is willing to try is welcome. Students in this class will learn about reading sheet music, singing with solfege syllables, concepts of group singing, and tone production. This class sings a mixture of standard choral repertoire as well as arrangements of more modern music.
Group performances are a required portion of this class. Performances will include 1-2 concerts per semester. Come and sing with us!

Guitar (One semester course)
The guitar is the most-owned instrument in the United States, but many people don’t ever learn how to play it. This class is open to students with zero guitar experience and students who want to become better on the guitar. Students will learn to play riffs, melodies, chords, and write music. This class mainly focuses on acoustic guitar, but there are also opportunities to play the electric guitar.

Middle School Band (One semester course)
This class is the starting point for students who are interested in band. You will have the opportunity to pick an instrument from the following list: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and percussion. Students will be taught to play their instruments by reading music notation and playing by ear. Learning an instrument will be a fun way to play music and be in a band community. Group performances are a required portion of this class. Performances will include 1-2 concerts per semester.

Spanish (One semester course)
This course will introduce students to fun-filled activities as they explore the diverse Spanish language and culture. Students will study the basic aspects of the language through music, skits, games, dance, food, technology, conversation, etc. Topics covered will include functional vocabulary along with travel, school, self, preferences, family, restaurants, and shopping. They will explore different countries where Spanish is spoken which will expand their desire to learn a new language.

MS Art (One semester course)
Middle school art focuses on expanding the foundation of art learned in grade school. In middle school art, students will further develop art skills, vocabulary, creativity, and concepts of design. Students express themselves creatively through two-dimensional lessons such as painting, college, drawing, and printmaking and three-dimensional projects include functional or sculptural ceramics, fusing glass, and papier-mâché. Composition, technique, the elements and principles of design, and attention-to-detail are explored. Art history, art appreciation, problem solving, and critical thinking are also integrated into lessons.

Shop (One semester course)
Middle school wood shop class is an introductory class where they choose to build 3 of 5 different projects offered. Students will learn how to safely use beginning woodworking machines, how to follow project plans, how to apply finish, shop clean up, and working with others. This is a designed as a one semester course.

PE/Health (One semester course)
The mission of this course is to increase student wellness through fitness activities and health coursework. Coursework will include lifetime fitness, team sports, individual sports, personal fitness, as well as personal health topics.