UPDATE:   Seniors who were not passing as of 3/13 must have all work completed and be passing all required classes by May 22nd to be included in the Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Seniors passing all classes as of 3/13:

All seniors who were passing all of their required graduation credit classes as of March 13th have MET graduation requirements and are graduated!  Congratulations!  

Seniors who were not passing one or more class as of 3/13Any senior who was scheduled for all required classes, but was not passing one or more classes: you need to get your grades up to passing in those classes and then you are considered graduated.  Your teachers have reached out to you with makeup work for you to get your grade to passing with work for content through 3/13.  Check your school email!!!

After you increase your grade(s) to passing, you will receive a P for your passed courses and are considered FINISHED with your senior year classes.


Seniors who were in online credit recovery classes:

Any senior who was not passing, and/or was in online credit recovery classes for required courses as of March 13th has been contacted by their teacher(s), Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Krouse with a plan to meet graduation requirements. CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION!   Once you complete all required graduation credits and earn passing scores, you will be considered graduated!  You need to be complete by May 22nd to be eligible for inclusion in the Virtual Graduation Ceremony.    If you are not complete by May 22nd, you will not be in the “virtual graduation”, but you do have until August to complete your courses to be included in the Class of 2020.

Any student who is enrolled in OCCC dual credit classes such as Writing 122 or Math 112, those classes resumed on April 6 and will continue until the end of the OCCC semester.  You will earn college credit for satisfactory completion of those classes, but if you were passing those on March 13th, you have met the high school requirement regardless of your final OCCC grade.  Early college is handled the same for seniors.

The statewide grading scale of P(pass) and W(withdrawal) will be used for seniors for 2nd semester coursework and will not impact gpa.

Essential Skills and Personalized Education Plans (Senior Projects) are not required for Class of 2020 graduation requirements.

Any senior who was on track for an LCSD Honors Diploma or Honor cords will still receive an honors diploma.

June 1st is the deadline to submit your application for the Oregon Promise for Fall 2020.  If it was “mathematically possible” for you to earn the required 2.50 cumulative gpa if we had been in graded classes for 2nd semester, then you qualify for the Oregon Promise.  Email Mrs. Krouse with any further questions.  

Graduation announcements and other merchandise you ordered from Miners has been received. Eddie sent you an email if your order is in.  He will let you know how to get your order.  CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL!!   If you still want to order, here is the link:  ORDER

Mrs. Krouse will be in contact with each senior to confirm and assist with post-graduation plans.

We are in the process of creating a virtual Awards Program to announce scholarship recipients.  This will be posted the week of graduation.  

If you need anything, reach out to us.  We are always here supporting you even if it looks a little different now.