Principal’s Corner

Amy Skirvin, Principal

Update from WMS/WHS – updated March 31, 2020

I apologize for the length, there is a lot of information/updates below:


  • I hope everyone is able to stay home and stay safe! The district has been sending updates through remind. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to have answers as the Governor and Oregon Department of Education (ODE) are constantly updating before we have time to process the previous direction. The majority of the time, the public is finding out information at the same time the schools are. For me, personally, my children knew schools were being closed through April 28th before I did. Please be patient with the schools as we are receiving new information daily and doing the best we can to communicate with the public. The district will continue to provide information as it becomes available, but most likely after you hear or read a statement from the Governor or ODE. Trust me, they don’t tell the schools before their press conferences, executive orders, or news releases. We find out when you do.

  • As I am typing this email here is the information I have for now. (This could change by the time you are able to read it). 
    • Schools will be back in session April 29th (However, we received information late last night from ODE that it might change)
    • Graduate credit requirements, at this time, have not changed
    • State testing will not happen this spring
    • Essential skills (reading, writing, math) will not be required for the class of 2020
    • Personalized Learning (senior project) is still required at this point – waiting for direction from ODE
    • Prom and Graduation are still scheduled to happen – this could very well change after last night’s ODE information. 
    • Early College online is an option for juniors and seniors. If your child is eligible for early college (credits/ready for college courses/grades) please contact Mrs. Krouse at There is a virtual orientation at 10AM on Thursday, as classes will start Monday. 
    • Dual credit (WR 122/Math 112/20th Century) are all on hold like the regular high school classes are. More information to come. 
    • If your child was previously assigned an Edmentum course online, they can work on it as much as possible. Tests/quizzes will not be unlocked. Some courses have been paused. No registrations for additional classes will be added. 
    • There will not be a middle school track season. 
    • High school spring sports are shut down until April 29th (again this might change after last night’s email)
    • Scholarships are still due. Please work with Mrs. Krouse on applications. Also, check individual scholarships for information. 
    • Forecasting will still be happening online for next school year. Mrs. Krouse and I will be working on this next week and will send information out when it’s available. 

  • Meals are being provided at bus stops and at Crestview Heights School. If you need to know your approximate route time please click here. In addition, busses can be running up to 45 minutes late on days. Sometimes we run out of food on the bus and have to wait for more to be delivered. Students receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Supplemental learning will be available on the school and district websites starting Wednesday, April 1st. For this week all the materials are the same for grade levels across the district. Next week it will vary in each area as our own teachers will be creating the learning materials. Packets will be available, for those that do not have wifi, at bus stops and at CVH between noon-1PM. There is a packet for Middle School and a packet for High School. The packets will be available on Wednesdays only. This is supplemental material, meaning it is not credited, graded, turned in, or required. This is to help keep students’ minds engaged during this extended break from school.  

  • Staff are calling students/parents this week to make initial contact to check-in, see how things are going, if anything is needed, and how we can help. Staff will not have a lot of answers to questions but will do their best to find out. They will be making weekly check-ins with students by a mutually agreed communication (email, Remind, Google, phone). Please note, when teachers call from Google or Remind it will show up as “No Caller ID” or a number from the east coast.  The staff member that calls you will be your contact person for updates or if you have questions. It is expected that they will have weekly contact with you while we are out.

  • Chromebooks: All 9-12 students should have taken their chrome book home with them when they left. If they didn’t, please let the staff member who is contacting you know. All 7th and 8th graders are allowed one Chromebook per household. These will not be their normal devices that they had at school. Please fill out the district form if you are needing a Chromebook at home. Students do not need a school’s device to access the supplemental material or their google account. When signing into google from a personal device, make sure they are putting the after their email ID to log in.
  • The school building is closed to students, parents, and the public. Only essential school district employees will be allowed in the building. The school phones were not working these past couple weeks. Email is the best way to communicate with teachers and office staff.


Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Mrs. Amy Skirvin

541-563-3243 x 310 Office

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