ASPIRE is a program of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC).  OSAC expands opportunities for Oregonians to complete their higher education and career training goals through information, mentoring and financial aid.     

Waldport High School ASPIRE volunteer mentors assist students 1-1 to explore their post-secondary options and create a plan for their future. We support students with a wide range of activities: 

  • Interest and career assessment tools to choose careers that match student interests and aptitudes
  • Career and job exploration including skills needed, education requirements, job shadowing and internships, and long range career field prospects.
  • Career training resources search including direct job training, vocational training, military, and college choice.
  • Assist with letters, resumes, and applications for jobs, college, scholarship, and internships.
  • Discover Funding for education and training including scholarships and grants, FAFSA, OSAC, and institutional inquiries.

Contact your Fighting Irish ASPIRE coordinator for more information:


ASPIRE Program Opt-out option.  As outlined below, you may choose to withhold your student from participation in the ASPIRE program.  Once the opt-out request is received, we will not contact your student for any individual or our group activities outside of classroom presentations.

In the Lincoln County School District we are determined to create a strong career and college going culture in our high schools. Waldport High School has embraced the State of Oregon’s ASPIRE program that offers education, support, and mentoring opportunities for all students.

ASPIRE student supports include 1:1 mentoring, group mentoring, and activities or events that focus on career exploration, career and college research, admissions applications, scholarships, and financial aid. If students choose to participate in the mentor program, it is important to know that all ASPIRE staff and community mentors go through a background check and that confidentiality is required as mentors will have access to student academic records. Mentoring will take place in person or in a combination of virtual, electronic communication following Waldport ASPIRE Program guidelines. If you do NOT want your child to participate in the ASPIRE program, please contact Peter Colley, Waldport ASPIRE Coordinator ( to opt out the ASPIRE program.


STEPS TOWARD YOUR FUTURE [click on question to open page]

  1. What career path best suites your interests and aptitude?
  2. What further skills/education do you need to pursue your career?
  3. What will be your best education/training option?
  4. How will you pay for your education/training choice?
  5. What skills do you need to be successful in applying?  [resumes / interview skills / letters of application and thank you’s / personal and background statements / completing applications]