Scholarship Programs for Junior’s

The following programs are available for students to apply to while they are in their junior year of high school.  Research these programs early in your high school career so you can plan for eligibility.  

Stamps Scholarship Program  – The Stamps Foundation provides full tuition and more for admission to their college partners.  Check out the website for information while you are in your sophomore or junior year so you can plan for eligibility.  

Questbridge National College Match Program — This is an amazing program for eligible students.  If you qualify academically and financially, you could receive a full-tuition scholarship to a prestigious college/university.  Participating schools:  Duke University, University of Pittsburgh, Harvard College, Brown University, Bowdoin University, Stanford University, CalTech, Yale University and many others.

Questbridge National College Prep Scholarship – Scholarship for summer programs or college fly-in visits.

Questbridge Quest for Excellence Awards — Scholarships for specific majors.  Scholarships are varied but can include laptops, money for college visits…

The Coolidge Scholarship Program is an annual full-ride scholarship program for junior’s in high school.  Application opens in October and closes in February every year.