As we move toward the May 1st deadline to accept college offers, I want to reach out to all of you to remind you that you should be completing scholarship applications.  You can go to our website under ACADEMICS and Class of 2021 Scholarships.  There you will find hundreds of scholarships, including the Lincoln County Foundation scholarships as well as many others.  You should check our site every week.  I upload scholarships as soon as I receive them.
What if you receive the financial aid package from a school and it’s not as much money as you need to afford to attend?
1.  You can appeal the offer and ask for more money.  Some schools have a specific process for that appeal and others don’t.  You can search their site for “Financial Aid Appeal” to see if they have a formal process. Reach out to me if you have questions about that. Appeals go through the Office of Financial Aid.
2.  Go to the financial aid website for every college/university that you are applying to.  They usually have scholarships specifically for their college on their websites.  Some of those require you to fill out an application, others don’t.  Make sure you are completing all of the scholarship applications that you can!!
3.  Aside from the financial package appeal, you can contact the office of admissions to ask for more Merit Aid.  Admissions usually handles the Merit Scholarships (these are solely based on your academics, not on your family finances).  They have different levels of merit scholarships, so maybe you are only getting the middle amount.  You won’t know until you call them. If that school is your #1, then you can use that as a bargaining tool. 
Here is a link for more information:
Good Luck!!   Contact Mrs. Krouse if you have specific questions.


MARCH 1st DEADLINE TO SUBMIT THE OSAC – Oregon Scholarship Application.   APPLY

Student Aid on the Web
Estimates financial aid eligibility for high school students/parents

Start the FAFSA here
Free Application for Federal Student Aid — Complete the FAFSA asap after October 1st of senior year.  You need the FAFSA for Oregon Promise and Financial Aid for 4-year college.  You must complete the FAFSA even if you think you won’t qualify for need-based aid.  Student loans are only given to students who complete the FAFSA.  Students and Parent/Guardian both need to complete the FAFSA.  

OREGON PROMISE  If you qualify, you can get a free education at an Oregon Community College.  You must submit the FAFSA asap and also submit the Oregon Promise Application.  

Oregon Opportunity Grants  Submit the FAFSA and you can be awarded up to $3300 per year. Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible before funds run out!!